Production division of specialized tray for precision equipment

In the Clean Room of designed value class with less than 10,000, our products are processed through stages as molding – cutting – dust removal – inspection – and packing , offers the customers with safety products that can be secure for use in response to the requirement of environment.

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Business of manufacturing tray for general products

We are willing to manufacture the products as your request for the order of even one sample piece or a huge lot of products.

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Plastic recycle division

Those trays that are considered as unnecessary, shall be grinded out and turn back to be the recycle material.

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Calendar of Asia Shouwa Vietnam 2019

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Features of Asia Shouwa Vietnam

We want to make the best use of results of Japan, to produce trays in Vietnam, and a local manufacturer to be useful.
Our company is focusing on qualifying Clean Room in order to correspond to the requirement of mold processing trays which are specialized in the high qualified precision equipment parts

System of production management in cleaning room. It persists in the education. PDCA is guided. 4S and arrangements are valued. Customer’s satisfaction rating is improved by these actions.

Being supported by the quick supply network for various kinds of materials and fully equipped with the active production lines inclusive of facilities as vacuum forming,air-press molding machine as well as the mass-lot compatible molding cut series.
We commit to supply products which are capable of being processed from mold making to forming with the quality assurance of Japan by a very reasonable price.
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