OCT 2009 : Receiving Certificate of ISO 9001:2008

JAN 2007 : Receiving Investment License
FEB 2007: Conducting factory construction
JUL 2007 : Completing factory construction;
DEC 2007 : Starting production and trading
OCT 2008 : Receiving Certificate of ISO 9001:2000

JUN 2012: Starting Construction of Expanding Factory
NOV 2012: Completing Construction of Expanding Factory
Dec 2012:  Import new automatic trimming machinei

DEC 2011:  Producing Mold

JAN 2014: Import New folding machine and Starting new production line of folding

JAN 2013: Starting new mass production

JUN 2016 Import Makino CNC Machine

DEC 2015: Import New molding machine and New automatic trimming

There are plans to invest in a new plastic injection machine


JUN 2018: Receiving Certificate of ISO9001 2015